Blind Spots. Ouch! I missed that!

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Here's a typical example of a blind spot. And this is on TwitSnaps Videos. They apparently wanted to make known their new functionality which involves adding your own category to your video. Recall that when you upload a picture or a video on any social networking website, you need to slot it into a category?

Most social websites do not allow you to create a category of your own, which if you ask me is rather bull headed. Because some content cannot fit into set categories. But TwitSnaps Videos does as I found out AFTER I uploaded my video and was waiting for the upload to complete.

There below all the required fields and text boxes I chanced, literally chanced upon a red banner ad proclaiming "NOW! create your own Category

Bad banner. Bad punctuation, if you notice. Bad placement. And why for Godzilla's sake do they need a banner? Wouldn't a simple text link next to the category field dropdown do? In which case I would have seen it. And not categorized my vid under 'Fun'. Pin It Now!

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