‘Simple’ sells. At least it gets attention...

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This mailer actually caught my attention in my Rediffmail inbox. It must have been the subject line too. Or I wouldn't have opened it in the first place, even though I’ve subscribed for it.

(Now that's another point of debate. Though we subscribe to e-mailers, we often don't read them. Or only browse through them at a lightening pace. Unless it's about something really, really close to our heart. Unless it's something we can get an immediate benefit from. But that's the topic of another post.)

Coming back to the mailer… It's the simplicity of the message, without any seemingly clever puns and turns of phrases along with the crisp, clean imagery that caught me.

I actually read this mail.

And were I so inclined, I would have taken up on the offer, but for the fact that I wasn't interested then for various reasons.

But the mailer achieved its purpose. One, it put me in a good frame of mind as I thought back on some of the recent holidays I'd been on. Two, I filed the company name away for future reference. (No, not physically. I filed it away in my mind. And I know it will stay there because I filed it away when I was in a good frame of mind.)

‘Simple’ sells. Simplicity works. If someone tells you it doesn't, pay no attention.
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