Many marketers still miss this point

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So here’s another example of ‘simple’.

It came in my mailbox this afternoon. Holi greetings from Indigo. Maybe they should have checked to see if their mail would be delivered without hitches. Because I remember that it was a while before the mail opened and that too in a new window.

But I came back to my desk to see this pleasant greeting.

Will I fly Indigo because of this? Sure! I was impressed with the airline right from the word go. Low cost they may be, but they’re by no means cheap like some other airlines I know. And they take care of the little things.

Like the simple yet warm Hoil greeting. So what if the greeting was nothing but their animated logo? I’m still impressed. I’m left feeling good. And feeling good = a good impression about Indigo in this case. Pin It Now!

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