Boo! Boo! Yahoo... II

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I'd posted in March 2009 about the closure of Yahoo! Briefcase. Barely 5 months later here I am posting about the closure of Yahoo! 360°. I quote their mail to me:

"We will be officially closing Yahoo! 360° on July 13, 2009, to focus our efforts on making your new profile on Yahoo! the place where you connect with the people who matter to you most. As a result, you will need to move your 360° information to your new profile before this date. After July 12, 2009, your content on Yahoo! 360° will no longer be accessible." (Click on image to enlarge).

Yahoo! Photos. Yahoo! Briefcase. And now Yahoo! 360°.

How does Yahoo! plan to prevent the erosion of trust in their service? What guarantees can they put forth that they will not close more of their services and inconvenience more people with having to shift their digital property to other places?

Shifting digital property is like a house move. It's a pain.

So to avoid that pain what do you think sensible Yahoo! users would do? Avoid Yahoo! like the plague and shift everything important that has to be shifted to other services in anticipation of another (imminent?) closure. Pin It Now!

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