Youtube - Messing it up locally

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This (click on image to enlarge) is what happened when I tried to retrieve my username and password on Youtube. They sent me a mail in Hindi! I do not correspond in that language ever. I studied Hindi in school. It was my second language, that doesn't mean that I am comfortable with that language in daily use, especially in writing. And no way in e-mail. Not when I'm trying to figure out something like my username and password.

If someone at Youtube is listening, Hindi might be the official National Language of India. That doesn't mean that it's lingua franca around here. I hardly get to speak the language and never get correspondence in Hindi. It's not just me; it's half of India, mostly from the south.

Isn't it important that you get your basics right? Don't make conclusions based on geography, if you don't know your geography.
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Vrudijones said...

Lol...this was funny!
Youtube doing extra bit of work but going down badly.