This is (digital) enticement...

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And Citibank has got it down pat to the last detail. Well almost. I would have liked fine line separators between offers to accentuate each that much more. But "culinary drives"? That bit of copy could have been put better. That said, the mailer is truly appetizing. Target achieved. They almost had me reaching for my card.

Strangely, I didn't click on the 'Look for more' button. Perhaps I wasn't inclined to succumb to the temptations of this delicious mailer, just then. Or should the call to action have been better worded, made more tempting? Or should it have been bigger? Or of an unusual shape? I'm not sure. These are just musings.

I only wish all mailers were as appetizing, addressing the target, capturing their attention and even prompting them into immediate action, instead of just catering to the whims of clueless product managers and marketing heads. Pin It Now!

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