Is this one of the reasons why eMailers fail to deliver?

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Landing page

Here's a bummer with Electronic Direct Mail (EDMs) or eMailers that's oft repeated.

I got this in mail today with this hook: "Opt for 25 years of fun-filled holidays in beautiful locations at today's prices. Ask for the Sterling Holidays Vacation Ownership plan." And the carrot - EMI starting at Rs.3011.

I'm sold. Though the copy could have been crafted better. You're telling me that I can enjoy 25 years of vacations at the price I pay today. That I will be paying today's price tomorrow when others, poor souls, would be paying much, much more for the same comforts I would enjoy. Shouldn't that be put forth better?

Never mind the sterile line "The best way to enjoy your vacation is to own it".

But I'm still sold. So I click on the call to action button, and ...

Err, I come to the same page again, or ... oh there's a form that looks rather intimidating. But yes, now that my eyes have explored the landing page, I see that there's something new to do here. I see that I am on different territory, though it doesn't look any different from the eMiler. But why are you repeating the copy on the eMailer here as well? And the design? I, for a moment, thought I'm being thrown the same eMailer in the guise of a web page again. 

I would have imagined that after selling me on fun-filled holidays that I would actually be shown the "fun" in pictures. Loads of pictures, maybe a collage of all the destinations as a continuation of the promise made to me on the mailer. Nada.

The landing page leaves much to be desired. A rather lame effort with an intimidating form field that makes me uncomfortable because it gives me the "big brother is watching you" feeling. Why, for instance, should I reveal what my occupation is? Or the type of vehicle I own? So, ok, I am 007 and I work for Her Majesty's Secret Service. I own a fully loaded Aston Martin that is an amphib, a Portobello and an office rolled into one. Could I have my Sterling Holidays Vacation Ownership, please.

Or wait. Maybe not.

You haven't really sold me. You see, at the "Golden Moment of Gratification" when I clicked the call to action button and came to the clone landing page, you lost me. It's the clone that gave the game away and the form field that is rather probing. I don't really see the fun of owning a Vacation with you, because your landing page isn't fun. But yes, now that you have sufficiently piqued my curiosity, I just might go out there and look for Vacation Ownership deals. 

I just might chance upon one that I like. Thank you for opening up the world of owned vacations, even if it isn't your own. See how you have effectively sold your competitor's service? If only you would do that with your own.
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