More shoppers could stop by if only...

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... you'd let them see immediately what they would be stopping by for.

You've already told me your name in the 'From' field of the e-mail. I've read it, which is one of the reasons I opened your mail.

Next you've also told me "Hot picks for April! Exciting new Summer Collections." in your subject line. I've read that too and that is the other reason why I opened your mail.

And what do I see?

A bold header repeating "Hot picks of the month" again. I already know that. Can we cut to the chase? Could you please let me see what I opened to see?

Oh. I have to scroll to do that? Mmmm.

Know something? You could have easily lost me. Your whole point in sending me this e-mailer would have been wasted, had I not scrolled down. Had I not ignored the repeated headline pitch. If you had hooked me at my perceived moment of gratification, which was as soon as I opened the mail in anticipation, you would have made a soft conversion. (I say soft because I hardly buy clothes online. I like the touch and feel shopping experience better).

But you would have scored never-the-less. Pin It Now!

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